Top Tips During Party Bus Hire.


A party bus is the best mode of transport when going out with your friends. In the extract below, you will learn how to get the most from a hired20-seater party bus

Range of services.

Party bus companies have a wide range of packages to suit your budget. For example, the basic party bus will contain club-like lighting, dancing poles, LCD screens, and a good music system. For a premium package, the company may provide an on-board bar and DJ to keep you entertained. Some companies have partnerships with casinos and clubs. As such, you will stop over at these establishments and receive a VIP experience at reduced costs or for free.

Terms of hire. 

You must understand the company's terms of hire before booking the bus. Before renting the bus, ask if it is insured. Choose a comprehensively insured bus to ensure that you are catered for in case of an accident. You should also check to see what the company will do if the bus breaks down. Also be sure to ask what activities are restricted on the bus. Some companies restrict smoking, drugs, pets, and littering on the bus.


Inquire about the company's pricing policy. Some firms charge per hour while others will give you a fixed charge. Choose a company that has friendly deposit and cancellation terms. Some of the extra costs you might incur include: 

  • Lateness. Most companies will charge you if you are late to return the coach. To avoid such costs, call the company and ask for an extension of the hire period.
  • Damages. You are liable for damages to electric equipment, seats, and other installations on the bus.
  • Littering. While you will not get fined for dropping a party cup or wrapper on the bus, you will have to pay if you vomit or spill drinks on the carpet or bus seats.
  • Changing the route. You might incur an extra charge if you decide to change your destination. 

Safety on the bus. 

As you party on the bus, some of your friends might get drunk and decide to perform risky activities. Your safety should come first; hence, be on the lookout for people that would want to attempt dangerous acts such as bus surfing. Some buses have a guard at the back to ensure discipline on the bus. You might be thrown out for drunken activities such as stripping or performing sexual acts. 

To get the most out of a party bus, inquire about the range of services, choose a firm with friendly terms of hire, understand the company's pricing and observe safety on the bus. 


23 May 2019

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