How to Save Money When Booking Travel Accommodations


If you're travelling on a shoestring, you need to find innovative ways to save money. Trying to save money on accommodations? Then, before booking your next room, check out these tips.

1. Consider Shared Rooms or Amenities

To save money on rental accommodation, consider sharing a room. For example, hostels where you just rent a bunk tend to be a lot less expensive than hotels where you rent an entire room to yourself. If you're not keen on the idea of sharing a room, consider looking for a budget rental accomodation that has other shared amenities such as shared toilets instead of on-suite facilities.

Alternatively, you may want to find other travellers who want to share a room. Finding other like-minded people can also help you to offset costs.

2. Look for a Accomodations With Long Term Rates

If you plan to explore an area for an extended period of time, consider looking for a place that has long term rates. Generally, accommodations that offer special rates for weekly or monthly stays, charge less than paying a per diem rate for the same place. Some accommodations even offer savings if you stay for two or three days, compared to just one.

3. Factor in Savings From Being in the City Centre

In some cases, it helps to choose accommodations that are near certain amenities. To explain, imagine you choose an accommodation that is far from the beaten path, but to explore the area, you have to pay hefty transport fees every day.

In this situation, it may make sense to pay a bit more to stay in accommodations that are in the city centre or near the sites you want to see.

4. Choose Accomodations With Value-Added Amenities

Also, consider any value-added amenities offered by the accomodation. In particular, if a place offers free breakfast, free airport shuttles or other perks, that can help to offset the cost. When comparing different accommodations, remember to keep the value of these extras in mind.

5. Search for Budget Rental Accomodations

To find a place with cheap rates, consider searching for accommodation that bills itself as budget. If a certain place specialises in being budget, it's likely to be less expensive than similar places or places that are focused on luxury. Don't be afraid to check out places that just have one or two stars. If you're main goal is to save, it may be worth it to take a cut in quality.



3 January 2018

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