A Guide to Choosing the Right Ammunition

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For a seasoned gun professional, choosing the right ammunition may be as easy, however, such choices are not so apparent for first-time gun owners or those who don't have a lot of experience in operating firearms. There are different types of ammunition that can be used, and it is important to understand how to make the right choices.

Common ammunition types include wadcutter, jacketed-soft point, round-nosed and ball bullets. The following is a guide to selecting the right type of ammunition for your specific needs.

Know what your purpose is

The type of ammunition that you will ultimately select will depend on the reason why you have the firearm. It may be for self-defense, hunting, practicing at the local range or even preparing for a shooting competition. Each of these purposes has a specific ammunition choice.

Ammunition for self-defense

Ammunition types for self-defense should be aimed at stopping a potential threat in his/her tracks and to prevent them from incurring further damage to people and property. In this case, it is best to go with ammunition that has stopping power. This type of ammunition strikes a target and the bullet stops near where it has initiated contact. Hollow-point bullets are the most suitable for this purpose.

For Hunting

Ammunition for hunting purposes is designed for accuracy, power, and performance. Hunters need to be able to target wild game with ammunition that is loaded at high-pressure and velocity. Hunting ammunition therefore consists of larger chambers that can propel the bullet on a targeted projectile.

Not any type of ammunition is allowed for hunting game in Australia. It is important for you to check the laws of your state to determine what ammunition types are legally permitted for hunting.

Options for the shooting range

For gun owners who are looking to sharpen their skills, full metal jacket or solid lead bullets are often used. This type of ammunition is more economical and specifically designed for practice and training purposes. Training ammunition also tends to be more readily available because larger amounts are often used on in training courses throughout Australia.

Purchasing Ammunition

Purchasing ammunition is not like purchasing any other type of product. Access and availability tends to vary significantly, depending on the laws of your state and the stock that is available at the store. It is always recommended to stock up when you can, so you don't fall short when the need arises. Speak with professionals at a local ammunition shop to learn more.


26 December 2017

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